5 Offbeat Activities You Must Try in Mumbai

Awesome offbeat activities that you could experience in Mumbai post Fridays

There are a few agencies that provide amazing experience tours in Mumbai for a nominal fee. So why spend another weekend watching a 2 star movie at your nearest multiplex. Instead explore the strange but wonderful side of Aamchi Mumbai, this weekend:

  1. Go for a Romantic Cruise Date: Mumbai is a coastal city & yet people are unaware of breathtaking cruise options available in the city along the enthralling shores of Arabian Sea. Take a cabin cruiser or go full throttle with a luxury yatch dinner. No better way to make your better half feel special!


  1. Take a Bollywood Tour:: Mumbai is India’s L.A. & if you love Hindi movies you must take tours that explore Bollywood. Go behind the scenes, see your favorite stars at work, & explore the world movie making. Capture10
  1. Learn Business from Mumbai’s Dabbawalas: The word “Dabbawala” refers to the one who delivers fresh home-made food in lunch boxes to various offices within Mumbai. They are masters of a unique reference system that helps them in keeping count and records of each of the boxes. They deliver lunchboxes by traveling in local trains. The Dabbawalas are now a case study in management courses, so don’t miss a chance to know more about them.Capture7
  1. Go Fishing with Mumbai’s Fishermen: The original inhabitants of Mumbai were the Koli, who are a colorful community whose main occupation is fishing. The fishing tours in Versova allow you to experience fishing with the local fishermen and experience the unique culture of Koli community. You will get to meet the locals and learn their distinct style of dressing, food, language, and traditions.


5.  Experience Jewish Heritage Tours: Jewish numbers in India have declined over time, and now they are a relatively minor religious group. You can still interact with this small community, who are active in Mumbai. On the curated Jewish culture tours, you’ll get to visit to the Tiphereth Israel Synagogue, which is the oldest synagogue in Mumbai, interact with Jewish people & learn about this community’s rich history and heritage.



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